We are FTA Certified Tax Agent & Tax Agency in UAE

Vatbox is a Certified Tax Agency & Tax Agent by the FTA ( Federal Tax Authority ) in UAE, and one of the leading Tax consultant in UAE. We are specializing in the delivery of world class professional services in Financial Management,

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Payroll Accounting

VAT BOX providing Payroll Accounting Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and all over UAE.

The UAE introduced an electronic salary transfer system in 2009 which allows companies and institutions to pay workers wages via banks and financial institution which are approved and authorised by Central Bank, UAE. A proper documented payroll process has become imperative for all companies operating in the UAE after the implementation of wages protection system (WPS) mandatory by the Ministry of Labour in the UAE.

Management of payroll can become complex if not properly handled since a salary involved several pre-requisites and benefits instead of only wage calculation for example leave management vacation benefits etc.. Outsourcing payroll endows services from a professional firm who proved their progress in payroll related stuff. This will help you to solve your company's payroll complexities through customised strategies. 

VATBOX's expert staff and their involved procedures come together to provide a reliable, accurate and cost effective payroll service which will be an alternative to an in-house payroll work. We assure you we will be your trusted partner for handling your payroll processing accurately in compliance with the local legislation. All your payroll data will be maintained confidentially as you can request the information anytime.

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